10 December, 2012

アキノギ&春日善光, 26 Sep 2011 - 初めてオファーをもらった写真


アキノギ&春日善光 live at Outbreak, Yotsuya Tokyo, 26 September 2011.

- 春日善光 Yoshimitsu Kasuga (guitar/vocals)
- 秋元清美 Kiyomi Akimoto (drums)
- 小此木寿一 Toshikazu Okonogi (bass/vocals)

Using Carl Zeiss/Contax Planar 50mm/F1.4 single focal lens with Olympus Pen E-PL1 micro four-thirds camera.
All photo copyright © 2011 Megumi Manzaki.

アキノギ&春日善光 live at Outbreak, Tokyo, 26 Sep 2011. 162

Several months after I took and uploaded this photo on Flickr, I got a message from a person of European audio equipment company. He wanted my permission to use this photo for their company product catalog. I willingly consented. Next week he apologized for their company founder's decision to use another design. OK, I knew it. I was an amateur who just had started photographing musicians for less than 2 years. Still I was happy he treated me right as a photographer.


アキノギ&春日善光 live at Outbreak, Tokyo, 26 Sep 2011. 187

アキノギ&春日善光 live at Outbreak, Tokyo, 26 Sep 2011. 110

70 photos taken by Megumi in this session available.