14 January, 2013

Tibet 2007 - チベット

Late December 2007, I visited Tibetan capital Lhasa, meaning Holy Place. 3658 meter in altitude. Fortunately I did not feel any altitude sickness.

Using Ricoh Caplio R4.
All photo copyright © 2007 Megumi Manzaki.


体調もさることながら、写真を撮る意欲も最低な時期で、コンパクトデジカメ(Ricoh Caplio)でおざなりに撮った粗雑な写真が少ししか残っていないことが悔やまれる。チベット族の友だちもできたし、リベンジでもう一度行くしかない。

Potala, centre of Lhasa, Dec 2007
Potala, 1300 year old palace, now in absence of its master.

Centre of Lhasa, Dec 2007
Deep coloured sky because it is closer to stratosphere.

Hill of religion, Lhasa, Dec 2007

Pilgrims, Lhasa, Dec 2007
Pilgrims climbing a holy hill.

Pilgrims, Lhasa, Dec 2007
Pilgrims worshipping Buddha on the rock wall.

Buddha images on the rock, Lhasa, Dec 2007
Buddha images on the rock.

Votive lights, Lhasa, Dec 2007
Votive lights.

Students, Lhasa, Dec 2007
Students walking along the monastery.

Students, Lhasa, Dec 2007

Pilgrims walking around Barkhor, Lhasa, Dec 2007
Pilgrims walking around Barkhor.

Winter is the season for Tibetan Buddhism pilgrimage, not for sightseeing tour. Not a little of those people come to holy capital Lhasa deadly long way, once in their lifetime.


Pilgrims walking around Barkhor, Lhasa, Dec 2007

Now there are some modern hospitals in Lhasa, people's lifestyles are changing in the city. But area of Tibet is vast and still there are villages witout doctor. Nomadic tribes exist in inlands and mountains. Nature is so tough to people. I heard the average life expectancy of whole Tibetan might be around 47 years old. Most of people die and are carried out on rocky hilltops, eaten by eagles, leave nothing behind. Only bodies of high priests are burned and bones become relics. Small bodies of children and babies are floated into river. So they never eat fish. That is idea of Tibetan Buddhism.


Poor quality 23 photos taken by Megumi in this tour available.